Dartmouth Class of 1967

 Another Excellent Year!

67 Completes College Year 2014-2015 Meeting its Goals

Our Class once again achieved most of its performance goals for the College Year 2014-2015, as reported in our recently filed Class Activities Report . which you can access by clicking here. During the year we held 7 mini-reunions, had three executive committee meetings, published the maximum four Class newsletters and 6 columns in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, met with the Class of 2017 at a winter breakfast in Hanover and on several conference calls, maintained our number of dues payers, planned our smashing 70th Birthday Celebration in Hanover, increased our Dartmouth College fund participation to 46%, approved and started the fundraising for our two major project gifts to the College to commemorate our 50th Reunion, decided on the basic schedule and agenda for the Reunion, made great progress in producing an important volume of essays on Living Through Momentous Change, and distributed almost $9,000 in support to student activities in Hanover while building our Memorial Fund and the endowment for perpetual maintenance of our Memorial Grove. Most exciting, but without a place to report it on the Class Activities Report form, was that at almost every event, classmates who had not been able to join with us for years came to a mini-reunion and volunteered not only their interest in coming to the 50th, but to staying involved in the ongoing activities of the Class.

 Our financial report showed that we had 258 dues payers, unchanged from last year, that our check-offs for Dartmouth Partners in Community Service, Athletic Recruiting trips, our Class Connections project, Memorial Grove Endowment and Memorial Fund totaled $13,240 and that our total financial resources during the year increased about $2100 to $89,776.  Other than our distributions to the check-off projects, our largest expenditures for the year are the production and mailing costs for our newsletter and for our class-wide dues and event mailings.

 Our goals for the current College year, as listed in the Class Activities Report, are:

1. Continued planning for 50th Reunion

2. Continued major gift fundraising for 50th Reunion projects

3. Complete continuing cycle of class mini-reunions (Rhode Island, Homecoming, Washington, New York) with increased attendance at each.

4. Successful 70th Birthday celebration in Hanover (completed).

5. Successful Etiquette Dinner with 17s in Hanover in Summer 2015 (completed)

6. Develop and implement more Class Connections projects with 17s

7. Finalize two book projects for the 50th Reunion

Click here to download the 2015 Class Activities Report.

•  First Year Parents’ Weekend May 2 – 4, 2014.  Paul Killebrew and Bruce Pacht represented 67 at  the barbeque luncheon for First Year students and their parents on Saturday, May 3.  Paul's report: Bruce and I had quite a successful presence at the First Year Parents Weekend lunch on Saturday. There
we were, Bruce in his beanie and letter sweater (cheerleading) and me squeezed into my 1967 sweater, feeling absolutely out of place, standing in front of our '67 & '17 road signs, sorry we had ventured out on what appeared to be a rainy day.  Well, it never rained and after a few blessed parents broke the ice, asking essentially, "What in the world are you doing here?", we had a semi-steady interaction with about 15 families. The conversations were downright fun and most were
relatively long which surprised me until it occurred to me that a lot of parents were feeling a bit awkward themselves. 

Anyway, it was a good experience and we are glad we did it, and if for no other reason it gave Bruce and me the chance to catch up and chat about our 50th.  The event itself was well-conceived, the large crowd comfortable in the Kemeny Courtyard and with plenty to talk about after the President's speech. The food was terrible (EBAs) and lines were long, but otherwise, again, it was a successful event and worthwhile use of our time.

•  Student Panels.  This is where our Class will “cash in” on the program, by having 17s describe their Dartmouth experiences to us during mini-reunions over the next three years.  These mini-reunions may occur in Hanover or anyplace else where a critical mass from both classes can be found.  In the past, other classes have held these events in both NYC and San Francisco, being the sites of many internships during Junior year.
•  Networking Panels.  In return, our Class would sponsor one or more meetings of the 17s with recent graduates who have used networking successfully to land jobs.  As much as many 67s might like to participate directly in this exercise, the rules of the game have changed so significantly over the intervening years, experience shows that it would be better for us to serve as facilitators than as participants.

As you can tell, all of these activities are dependent on 67s being available to come to the breakfasts and facilitate the networking meetings. Rob and Paul have been surveying the 67s in the greater Hanover megalopolis about their availabilities and willingness to participate and the response has been terrific.  But you don’t have to be living in the Northeast to be a part of this class-wide project. The schedule for Connections events will be posted on the Connections Page of this website and in the newsletter, and you can let Rob or Paul know of your interest and availability should you be headed near one of these get togethers.  As you can see in the pictures and sense in Rob and Paul’s reports, they like us, they actually like us – and it is fun to be connected to young Dartmouth students to really understand how much Dartmouth has changed, and how much its traditions remain the same.

67' Blogs – Easy to Use, Great Way to Connect!

The best new feature of our website is the state-of-the-art 67 BLOGS. Here you will be able to post news about yourself, read the postings of our classmates and engage in discussions about College, Class and life issues.  You can read the Blogs without a password, but posting is password protected for security. The password is listed in the masthead of every edition of the 67 Class Newsletter.  If you do not have yours handy e-mail Sam
ceo@ostrow-partners.com or our webmaster, Krisa Verbitsky krisa@inkoutofthebox.com.

A description of the blogs can be found by clicking on the Blog tab at the top of every website page.

Class Officers:

President: Sam Ostrow

Vice Presidents: Paul Killebrew, Sr., Robert Kugler, Bill Bogardus

Class Secretary: A. David Mangelsdorff

Class Treasurer: Rick Geissinger

Reunion Chairman: Bruce Pacht

Mini Reunion Chairmen:
  New York – Jim Peck, Hugh Freund
  Washington DC – Bob Burka, John Isaacs
  San Francisco – Andy Danver
  Boston – Ted Neill, John Manaras, Steve Cheheyl
  Rhode Island – Larry Bowen
  Vail – John Lobitz

Head Agent: John Kornet

Gift Planning: Howard Sharfstein

Webmaster: Krisa Verbitsky, Ink Out of the Box

Class Connections Update

First Breakfast with the 17s a Great Success

Several years ago, Dartmouth started a new program called “Class Connections” in which classes with upcoming 50th Reunions would begin bonding with the incoming first year class with which they would march at their graduation. Not surprisingly, Dartmouth 67 chose to take the program to a whole new level, and, we’re delighted to report, Dartmouth’s still new Class of 2017 has eagerly taken us up on making Class Connections an important and continuing part of their Dartmouth experience.
As reported extensively in the Fall 2013 67 newsletter, it began with three terrific activities – greeting and feeding 17s as they passed through the Second College Grant on First Year Trips; providing over 1100 17s with their pins immediately after Matriculation; and greeting 17s at the Community Picnic immediately preceding Phil Hanlon 77’s installation as Dartmouth’s new President.

John Kornet, our long time head agent and intrepid member (with Pokey) of Team A at the Grant, has produced and outstanding video recollection, set to familiar music that really tells the story of why this project has meant and continue to mean so much to 67s and 17s.

Welcome Home '67

'67 Website – Like Us, Getting Better After All These Years

The Great Class of ’67 website was re-launched in 2009, and we have now had the time and experience to understand what 67’s like about it, and what more they expect. The good news is that the website continues to be reasonably well visited – an average of 20 unique hits a week, many using search terms that tell us classmates are looking for specific information about upcoming class events, and other classmates (and sometimes even their significant others).

We have had many inquiries about using the blogs, but precious few bloggers. And, in our conversations with classmates at Class and Dartmouth events, we find that everyone likes the new website, but there are strong desires for (1) updating it more frequently; (2) making it more interactive and transactional; and (3) providing links to news about the College and the Dartmouth activities we support and in which our classmates are engaged. Some of those “wants” are being addressed immediately.

Links: We have a section on this Home Page (just above the Class Archives) of links to major Dartmouth news sources.

Updating:  We have set up a new process for getting periodic information from our Class Officers and the members of the Executive Committee who manage our Class projects. You will start to see their updates soon, either on the Home Page or by clicking on the tabs at the top of the Home Page. You will also begin to see regular updates as we move towards the 50th Reunion, which will have its own tab at the top of the Home Page. Important news will be on the Home Page in the right hand column.  We are posting the Class Newsletter to the website as soon as it comes off the printing press.

Interactivity: The blogs work. They are easy to use. We password protected this section to avoid spammers. Everyone in the Class has the same password. If you need it again, e-mail Sam or Krisa and it will be sent to you immediately. We are looking at ways to put an email link into the stories, so that if you want to email a classmate mentioned in an article, all you will have to do is click and your email program will open up. We are also studying ways to put in secure transactional capabilities for payment of Class dues and Reunion fees.  The link we have just added to the Dartmouth College Fund is secure.

This is your website. Please use it. Please let us know what you think about the improvements. Please let us know what else you would like to have.

50th Reunion Plans Begin to Gel

Major Projects Approved: The Road Turns Safe Home

67s 50th will be June 9 -11, 2017, and a few days either side for special additional events.
Groups of 67s have begun planning for all of the events, projects, programs and festivities of 67s. Details can be found on the 50th Reunion Page on this website, but here are the most recent developments:

  • Our most experienced team of Reunion Chairs -- Bruce Pacht, Paul Killebrew and Rob Kugler -- have been meeting, talking and occasionally even letting the College know our plans to make 67s’ 50th Reunion not only our Class’s best ever, but as unique in the annals of Dartmouth history as being held in the context of Commencement allows. 
  • The 50th Reunion Book -- Living Through Times of Momentous Change -- is well underway. A team led by John Isaacs is busily contacting 67s who are now developing essays on how their lives were affected by the Vietnam War, by the civil rights and women’s rights movements and by choosing lives of social and political activism. Comments from the entire class will be solicited and all 67s will also be asked to participate in a Momentous Change Survey that will be included in the book.
  • Major Gift Projects -- the College has approved 67s’ plans to participate in the planning for and development and funding of two major capital projects -- a Class of 1967 Cabin at Moosilauke and a Class of 1967 A Space for Dialogue Room in the soon to be expanded Hood Museum. The teams responsible for each project have done a great job getting them through the approval process, and are now developing materials for the newsletter, website  and direct mail to provide you with the details, and solicit your financialsupport. Both will be a part of our 50th Celebration. 

Robert Piampiano and Steve Cheheyl with 17s at the April 30th breakfast
Rob Kugler talks to 17s about Traditions -- Old and New
Paul Killebrew and Bill Bogardus with the 17s

The first breakfast with the 17s was held on April 30 at Everything But Anchovies in Hanover. After an informal conversation period and buffet breakfast, Rob Kugler led the group in a discussion of Dartmouth Traditions -- Then and Now. The 17s seemed fascinated in hearing about some of the activities we thought were "permanent" traditions and about which they knew nothing, and we were interested both in what carried on and what "new traditions" have emerged. Given that 67s are the Guardians of the Old Pine, we were glad to find out the Old Pine still matters, but none ofthe 17s were sure why.
Over the past months, Rob Kugler  and Paul Killebrew , who are leading the Class Connections project for us, met with a group of 17 leaders to plan activities for the years ahead (Over 30 17s applied to be liaisons with us! Four were selected.).  Here are the key elements as described by Rob and Paul: On-going Breakfast Meetings.  These are informal events which other classes have used successfully, held once a month at EBA’s in Hanover.  An announced topic is circulated by email to all 17s invitingthem to participate.  The first X number who sign up are treated by our Class to breakfast and a discussion about whatever the topic might be – sometimes serious, sometimes less so.

'67 News

Dartmouth 67 September 2015 Newsletter
IIt's one of our best issues ever, with full coverage of our great 70th Birthday celebration, 50th Reunion news, information on how to make contributions to our 50th Reunion Yearbook, a mini-reunion schedule for 2015-2016, a summary of our Class Activities Report for last year and News of Classmates including two amazing long form essays you won't want to miss. You can access the newsletter by clicking here.

You can go to the News Archive in the News tab to see all of the newsletters we have on file. If you have copies of newsletters we don't have, please let Newsletter Editor Bob Burka, (rburka@foley.com) know and he will arrange to get it on this website.


  Hood Space for Dialogue Project.pdf
  Moosilauke Cabin Project.pdf

Alumni Council Report 
David Millane Alumni Council Representative attended the Alumni Council Meeting in late October. The most important news of the meeting was a progress report on the Moving Dartmouth Forward program to address the issues of dangerous behavior on campus. His report can be found here.

Newsletter Archive Reorganized
Our great Class Newsletter, long edited by Bob Burka, is your best source of information not only about recent and upcoming news of the class and classmates, but also our history. Over the years, unfortunately, the newsletters started getting filed in various sections of the website, making them hard to find. They are all now in the Newsletter Archive which can be accessed through the link in the Class of 67 Archives section below. A link to the most recent Newsletter will always be found in this section of the Home Page.

'67 is LinkedIn
We have a LinkedIn Group, thanks to Class Secretary Dave Mangelsdorff. We now have over 60 members of the Group, which is open only to classmates. As classmates post their news to LinkedIn it shows up on your LinkedIn home page, which is a great way to keep in touch.  To keep it secure, Dave has to approve every request to join off the Class roster.

Joining the Group is easy.

• Go to www.linkedin.com and register
(if you haven’t before).

• On the LinkedIn page, look at tabs on the top for Groups. Click Groups You May Like.

• Enter Dartmouth College Class of 1967 in Search Groups box on top left. 

• Hit Join button.

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