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Dartmouth 67 Fall 2016 Newsletter
The Fall 2016 newsletter has important updates about our 50th Reunion, news of upcoming mini-reunions and fascinating stories from classmates. For a copy of the newsletter, please click here.

34th (and maybe last) Boston 67 Dinner 
The Class’s longest running mini-reunion, the annual Boston 67 dinner, will be Saturday, January 28th . The long-time organizers and hosts of the dinner, John Manaras and Steve Cheheyl, noted that with many of the Boston area 67s retired and spending winter in warmer climes, it was time to bring the event to a fitting conclusion. And, to make it truly special, John and Steve are personally funding the dinner at the Longwood Cricket Club, making all but the cash bar free to all those attending. For information or to make a reservation email John at j.manaras@verizon.net.  

CarniVAIL Annual Multi-Class Ski Weekend is planned for March 3-5, 2017 in Vail, Colorado. There will be a three-day weekend of terrific skiing, the traditional ’67 dinner for class members and guests, and socialization with other classes. Get in touch with John Lobitz about details, at johnlobitz@gmail.com.  

'67 is LinkedIn
We have a LinkedIn Group, thanks to Class Secretary Dave Mangelsdorff. We now have over 60 members of the Group, which is open only to classmates. As classmates post their news to LinkedIn it shows up on your LinkedIn home page, which is a great way to keep in touch.  To keep it secure, Dave has to approve every request to join off the Class roster.

Joining the Group is easy.

• Go to www.linkedin.com and register
(if you haven’t before).

• On the LinkedIn page, look at tabs on the top for Groups. Click Groups You May Like.

• Enter Dartmouth College Class of 1967 in Search Groups box on top left. 

• Hit Join button.

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50th Reunion Schedule Set

The Reunion is organized into three major sections – a day-long celebration of the successful completion of the Class of 1967 Bunkhouse at Mount Moosilauke on June 8; a “Core” Reunion from Friday morning June 9 through Commencement on Sunday, June 11; and an “Extended Reunion” from noon Sunday through Tuesday morning, June 13.

Following is a reasonably final schedule of the major events and activities as well as a preliminary description of each. Do know that you will receive a full schedule and costs document when it is time to begin registering for Reunion next Spring. You should also know that in addition to all of the major Class-led events described here, the College will be running a continuous program of lectures, exhibits and departmental visits throughout the weekend.

Core Reunion – Friday, June 9:

While there are College-sponsored campus tours, lectures and exhibits on Friday morning, The Road Turns Home begins at 11:30 Friday morning with a barbecue lunch with our Class Connections Class of 2017 and their families, as they approach the road we began traveling 50 years ago. It is a very informal “mixer” lunch, served in the Collis Courtyard (between Collis and the Class of 1953 Commons – aka Thayer), with some special additions Bruce is adding for the entertainment of our Class.

From lunch, the Class will gather for the first of two entirely classmate led Symposia based on one of our two Reunion books -- Living Through Momentous Change – How a Dartmouth Class Met the Challenges of Vietnam, the Human Rights Movements and So Much Else. This first session focuses on Human Rights and So Much Else and will features 67s and their partners who were fully engaged in the Civil Rights,Women’s Rights and Gay Rights movements as well talks from classmates about such

As the Symposium ends around 3:30 in the afternoon, two very different activities are planned – the 67s will be free to go to graduate school receptions, academic department gatherings and affinity group (fraternities, clubs, athletic teams) events. Our partners, on the other hand, will have a meeting of their own, for presentations and discussions on the special issues of life with a Dartmouth 67, particularly as The Road Turns Home.

We gather together again around 5:15 in the afternoon, somewhere in the “Arts Complex,” to celebrate the completion of over $1 million in fundraising for the Class of 1967 A Space for Dialogue Gallery at The Hood Museum. The “somewhere” reflects that at the moment, most of The Hood is a hole in the ground, as construction moves ahead on what some believe will be the most exciting art museum and art education facility in the United States. Our Gallery is going to be a key element in the design. During construction, the students who receive stipends from the A Space for Dialogue endowment we established in 2007 are producing electronic versions of their curations, and at this celebration a student will present and discuss an electronic project and talk about the role A Space for Dialogue plays in their Dartmouth experience.

From the Arts complex we meet on the Baker Library lawn at about 6:00 PM, for an elegant reception and dinner. And, while the evening is “elegant,” there is little formal about it – no long speeches, no presentations, some Dartmouth entertainment and plenty of time to mingle, renew friendships, make new friends and enjoy the beauty of the Green and Baker in late Spring.This dinner, as will all of our meals, reflects Dartmouth’s policy of serving only beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages at events on the campus.We also will always have vegetarian options available.

And, after dinner, the Class Tent, in the courtyard of the McLaughlin Cluster, will remain open until late in the evening, offering beverages and light snacks, served up – with enthusiasm – by a crew of Dartmouth students who will assist us throughout the Reunion.

Core Reunion – Saturday, June 10:

After continental breakfast in the Class Tent, we will gather for the every five-year Class Meeting, required by the Class Constitution.There are three very important items on the agenda that require a vote, and all 67s and their partners are encouraged to participate. We will elect Class Officers (President, Secretary, Treasurer) and ratify appointed officers for the next five years (see the story on the Nominating Committee further in this newsletter); we will vote on proposed amendments to the Class Constitution to bring it into the technological age as well as broaden participation in our activities; and we will vote on our Dues and Dues check-off programs, including any additional projects that may be proposed. The entire Class will receive information about the Officer nominees and the Constitutional Amendments a month before the meeting.

In addition to the issues to be voted on, there will be a presentation of the Class’s financial position and a presentation summarizing our demographics as we pass this incredible milestone 50th Reunion.

From the Class Meeting, we move to the front of Dartmouth Hall for the traditional Class picture. With as many 67s as we expect, this is going to take a bit of time to organize. You will receive instructions for appropriate attire and other related matters in your Reunion package.

From Dartmouth Hall we move around 11AM to Rollins Chapel for what is certain to be an emotional and meaningful Memorial Service. As has become our tradition, we are asking 67 clergy or congregants of all of our faiths to lead portions of the service, and other classmates will participate in the reading of the names of our deceased.In the Memorial Service program, in addition to the service and hymns, the names of the deceased 67s will be presented.

After the service, we will travel on buses to the Connecticut River waterfront, where a giant tent will greet us as well as the President and Trustees of Dartmouth College for a gala lunch at which we will celebrate, with the leaders of our Major Gift and Dartmouth College Fund projects, the incredible results of our commitments.We promise our remarks will not be long. As for President Hanlon and the Trustees …

We return to the campus after lunch for what should be a true highlight of the Reunion, the second Symposium on Living Through Momentous Change, this one entirely focused on the Vietnam War and its continuing impact on our lives. We will hear from leading Dartmouth faculty and administrators who are recognized authorities and aspects of the war, and, most important, we will also hear from classmates who fought in Vietnam, from those who fought against the war here and in other countries, and from those whose lives were inalterably changed, just because the war was fought. Again, this Symposium will be supported with powerful graphics and videos, and with the opportunity for all classmates to provide testaments and comments. It will also be recorded for the College’s archives and eventual replay on the Class’s website.

Yes, a break.

And then, back to the Connecticut River Waterfront for a Class Dinner no Class other than the 67 can put on. We can’t tell you much now, but, if we can successfully complete the technical arrangements, it will feature entertainment unparalleled in the history of Dartmouth Reunions, presented in a way that will literally share the evening with 67s (and anyone else who wants to participate) around the world.We have also decided that dinner will be served at stations, not in long buffet lines, providing everyone with more of an opportunity to mix, to talk and to continue what we have always known as the enduring conversation. A night not to be missed. An event you will really want to be there for.

Core Reunion – Sunday, June 11:

The day the 17s have been eagerly awaiting. The day when we began on our Road. It’s graduation day.

We will have a special breakfast in the tent, and then follow the College’s directives (hey, we have to do it at least once), for assembly, the march to the Green with the 17s and the Commencement exercises (strange word when you are sitting for the next two plus hours). The College does not announce speakers or honorary degrees in the Spring, so don’t ask.

After commencement, we will return one last time during the Core Reunion to the Class Tent at McLaughlin for a box lunch, hugs all around, tears and smiles for those taking off, and housekeeping announcements for those staying for the Extended Reunion.

Extended Reunion – Jun1 11, 12 and 13.

                  The Extended Reunion, beginning Sunday, June 11 after Commencement, is designed to be fun, educational and provide extended opportunities to relax with classmates in the enduring conversation.

                  While the specifics are still developing, we are planning two Symposia on Sunday afternoon. One will be on Travel in Your 70’s, led by the 67 with the Dartmouth record for most Dartmouth Travel trips taken, Bob Davidson, who will be joined by other travelers, experts from Dartmouth Travel and experts on health and safety issues for “older” travelers. The second will be "The Ultimate Travel Experience: Planning Your Last Trip,” with discussions on end of life issues led by 67 experts John Lobitz, MD, John Wasson MD and attorney Howard Sharfstein, with over 40 years of expertise counseling clients on these issues. And, for balance, we are planning a Sunday dinner presentation by famed Dartmouth professor Matthew Slaughter who has a national reputation for discussing the macro trends that will affect the rest of our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren.

Monday morning will feature an all 67 panel on Environmental Sustainability, led by classmate Professor Dick Clapp, and including Ed Arnold, Ed Kern and Jock Gill – all of whom are now fully engaged in developing the issues and technologies that may well provide for a sustained and safe energy future. And, the talks won’t just be theoretical, but also focus on what we can do to ensure or own and our descendants’ energy future. The College is also offering a panoply of faculty presentations, art exhibits, campus tours and other events sure to keep you as occupied as you want to be.  A special, very relaxed dinner is being planned for Monday night, in a setting sure to stimulate wonderful conversations among classmates who share your milestones for over 50 years.

 And Tuesday, a special farewell breakfast in the Class tent.

67' Blogs – Easy to Use, Great Way to Connect!

The best new feature of our website is the state-of-the-art 67 BLOGS. Here you will be able to post news about yourself, read the postings of our classmates and engage in discussions about College, Class and life issues.  You can read the Blogs without a password, but posting is password protected for security. The password is listed in the masthead of every edition of the 67 Class Newsletter.  If you do not have yours handy e-mail Sam ceo@ostrow-partners.com or our webmaster, Krisa Verbitsky krisa@inkoutofthebox.com.

A description of the blogs can be found by clicking on the Blog tab at the top of every website page.

Class Officers:

President: Sam Ostrow

Vice Presidents: Paul Killebrew, Sr., Robert Kugler, Bill Bogardus

Class Secretary: A. David Mangelsdorff

Class Treasurer: Rick Geissinger

Reunion Chairman: Bruce Pacht

Mini Reunion Chairmen:
  New York – Jim Peck, Hugh Freund
  Washington DC – Bob Burka, John Isaacs
  San Francisco – Andy Danver
  Boston –  John Manaras, Steve Cheheyl
  Rhode Island – Larry Bowen
  Vail – John Lobitz

Head Agent: John Kornet

Gift Planning: Howard Sharfstein

Webmaster: Krisa Verbitsky, Ink Out of the Box